Natasha Denona Biba Mini Eyeshadow Palette


The Natasha Denona Biba Mini Eyeshadow Palette is a smaller version of the Biba palette. Overall, the eyeshadows were pigmented, blendable, and easy to work with, though Bruno’s application was inconsistent and patchy at times, despite my best efforts to even it out.

Look Using this Product

Natasha Denona Mini Biba Look

Bruno (417CM)

Bruno (417CM) is a matte reddish-brown with cool undertones and a deep reddish-brown. It provided nearly opaque color coverage in a single layer and could be built up to full coverage if desired. The texture was smooth, velvety, and blendable, but I noticed that when layered over the other shades in the palette, it appeared to be a little patchy, so while it applied fine in some cases, it seemed to lift away from where I first applied it in others. After nine hours of wear, there were signs of fading.

Izzy (418CM)

Izzy (418CM) is a light-medium brown with a matte finish and subtle warm undertones. It had a richly pigmented, velvety texture that was soft, blendable, and didn’t cause fallout. It lasted for nine hours before starting to fade.

Blaze Nude (419M)

Blaze Nude (419M) is a light-medium peachy-coral with warmer undertones and a metallic sheen. It had a soft, loosely-pressed texture that was lightly emollient to the touch and picked up easily with a dry brush. I’d recommend picking up product with a flat brush, gently pressing it onto the lid, and then going back for more if desired, as the softer press could result in light fallout if I wasn’t careful. It lasted for nine hours before becoming visibly faded.

Plush (420CM)

Plush (420CM) is a dark peach with a matte finish and warmer undertones. In the pan, the consistency was soft and slightly powdery, but it was blendable and easy to work with on the lid because it didn’t fall out. It had opaque pigmentation that lasted for about nine hours before noticeably fading.

Wink (421CP)

Wink (421CP) is a soft, plummy brown with a satin finish and warmer undertones. It was a cream-powder formula, so it was denser in the pan, almost firm, but it had light slip and picked up well with a dry brush. I had no trouble applying and blending the product on my lids, and it provided complete color coverage in just one layer. After nine and a half hours of use, there were signs of fading.