NASAYA Releases “RUMMELSBURG”, A New Single

NASAYA has received approval and nods from major industry players including Pigeons & Planes, Billboard, SPIN Magazine, and others, and has become a regular for Ninja Tune and ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective. NASAYA is preparing to release an EP later this year and has shared his latest single “Rummelsburg.” NASAYA returns with “RUMMELSBURG” after collaborating on the PIRLAMPO EP with MARO and releasing the technically challenging single “CIEL.”

“RUMMELSBURG” is an electronic treat with snappy breakbeats, chopped voice samples, and intricate polyrhythms designed for upscale dancefloors, a departure from the pop-centric sound he arranged on PIRLAMPO. The second track from his upcoming REVES EP, “RUMMELSBURG,” is a mathematical composition with a catchy edge.