NARS Orgasm Mini Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches



NARS Orgasm Mini Eyeshadow Palette is a new, limited edition travel-sized palette. It’s very compact and small in physical size, but the actual amount of product per shade was still decent (0.02 oz.) and would give plenty of uses. The packaging has a much lighter, flimsier feel to it than most NARS palettes, which may be a surprise for some; it didn’t strike me as prone to falling apart, though. The quality was on par with NARS’ eyeshadows with a mix of hits and misses.

NARS Full Moon Eyeshadow (2018)

NARS Full Moon Eyeshadow (2018)

NARS Full Moon Eyeshadow (2018)

Full Moon

Full Moon is a light, golden beige with strong, warm undertones and a metallic sheen. It had good color payoff that was buildable to full coverage with a heavier hand or a second layer. The texture was smooth to the touch, not too powdery nor too firmly pressed into the pan, and applied evenly to bare skin. It stayed on nicely for eight hours before fading noticeably on my lid.

NARS Maximum Pleasure Eyeshadow (2018)

NARS Maximum Pleasure Eyeshadow (2018)NARS Maximum Pleasure Eyeshadow (2018)

Maximum Pleasure

Maximum Pleasure is a light-medium, peachy coral with warm, golden pearl that gave it more of a pearl-like sheen. The color coverage was opaque, but the texture was drier and rather dusty, and it seemed to look faded and slightly dry on my skin. It lasted decently for seven hours before showing signs of fading.

NARS Danger Girl Eyeshadow (2018)

NARS Danger Girl Eyeshadow (2018)NARS Danger Girl Eyeshadow (2018)

Danger Girl

Danger Girl is a deeper, reddish-coral with subtle,w arm undertones and a mostly matte finish. It had good pigmentation with a slightly powdery texture felt a touch dusty as well. The color sheered out slightly when applied to bare skin, so a primer would be ideal to pair with it to improve the pigmentation. It wore well for seven and a half hours before fading visibly on me.

Wild One

Wild One is a light-medium pink with strong, warm gold pearl throughout. The base was less warm-toned compared to the shimmer, so the golden shimmer contrasted noticeably with the base pigment. It had good color coverage that applied well to bare skin and blended out easily. The texture was firmer, though, and I had to use a heavier hand to pick up product evenly. This shade stayed on well for seven and a half hours before fading noticeably.


Pattaya is a medium brown with moderate, warm undertones and flecks of pink and copper sparkle. It had semi-sheer coverage applied dry and semi-opaque coverage applied with a dampened brush. It is of the Hardwired formula, which is intended to have greater pigmentation when used damp; that was true here, but it’s a difficult formula to work with dry as it had a ton of fallout, poor coverage, and didn’t adhere evenly.

It really had to be applied with a dampened brush for decent adhesion, hold, and coverage. Dry, it lasted for six hours but had noticeable fallout over time, whereas dampened application had better wear at seven hours with less fallout (but still some).


Seduced is a medium-dark, coppery-red with moderate, warm undertones and flecks of red and gold sparkle. It had medium coverage applied dry and opaque coverage applied damp. The texture felt a bit denser and more emollient, which seemed to give it better adhesion to bare skin, even dry.

With its Hardwired formula, I’d highly recommend using it with a dampened brush, which minimized fallout and improved coverage and adhesion. Applied dry, it lasted for seven hours with some fallout, while dampened application yielded eight hours of wear with minimal fallout.