NARS Intrigue & Inappropriate Red Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

NARS Intrigue Lipstick is a rich, medium-dark orange-red with warm undertones and a mostly matte finish. The texture was firmer in the tube, dense, and a little stiff, so there was light tugging initially, but it seemed to become more yielding after I applied about product to one-third of my lips. The upside of this type of texture, though, is that it wasn’t slippery, and it was incredibly lightweight–almost weightless. I was surprised that it only emphasized my deepest lip line slightly but was fairly forgiving for such a matte, thin shade. It had opaque pigmentation that adhered evenly and stayed on well for over six hours and left a visible stain after removal. The formula felt neither drying nor hydrating over time.

NARS Inappropriate Red Lipstick is a brighter, medium red with subtle, cool undertones and a semi-matte finish. It had nearly opaque color coverage in a single layer, which adhered evenly. The consistency was very lightweight, thin without being clingy, and there was a touch of product that sank into my deeper lip lines, though the color and depth disguised it from a normal viewing distance. The lipstick had a much firmer, almost stiff, texture that did tug slightly during application, but it wasn’t painful, and there was no slip while it was on, so it had exceptional longevity (yet wasn’t drying!). It was still going strong after six hours of wear and left a strong stain behind.