NARS Endless Orgasm Multi-Use Face Palette Review & Swatches

Endless Orgasm

NARS Endless Orgasm Multi-Use Face Palette is a new, limited edition palette that features six cream shades that can be used on eyes, cheeks, and lips (and I’ve rated them across these three areas and then taken an average score for the ratings seen below). The formula is supposed to be buildable and can be blended “with a fingertip or a brush” to be applied as a standalone product or layered with other products.

The problem with these multi-tasking formulas is that they often don’t work well across all the areas, and in this case, it didn’t perform well on any area. It was just varying degrees of amused horror (insta-crease formula on the eyes, horrifying in its quickness but not really a surprise), vague surprise (they weren’t the worst product on my lips), and distinct disappointment (wow, they don’t even apply well as a blush???). The way the formula performs makes me wonder if this was tested with consumers or solely as a backstage look where nobody cared if something creased or was a little patchy going down the runway. It’s spectacularly bad and yet is supposed to mark the 20th anniversary of Orgasm blush.

As a Cheek Color

The cream-satin formula is creamy, fairly emollient, and moderately tacky, though it did seem relatively lightweight and didn’t seem overly tacky or wet on my skin, even initially. I think that tacky, thinner formula doesn’t play well with brushes, as when I tried to apply any of the shades with a stippling brush, there was almost nothing transferred to my skin. From wearing all of them, I don’t think they dry down fully, but they weren’t noticeably sticky when I touched my skin to test (but they didn’t seem like they dried down either).

When I used my fingertips to apply, which are my tool of choice for cream blushes (easy and quick to clean when doing so many swatches!), I get much, much more noticeable payoff and can build it up slightly with decent blending but some of the color seemed to darken my pores. The shimmer made it less noticeable at a normal viewing distance. The cream doesn’t play as well with underlying base products, like liquid foundation or setting powder, and tends to either become a bit patchy (if I’ve used more of the NARS product) or lift up (if I’ve used the right amount). With a brush, it didn’t transfer product, so there was no lifting to speak of… but nothing to see either. With fingertips, the best method was patting onto the apples and doing about 1.5 seconds blending or less and then walk away, hoping that was sufficient. Blending any more just resulted in a patchier mess and less and less coverage (it just disappeared).

They lasted between four and six hours on bare skin (how I normally test cheek color for wear), and when I trialed a couple over base products, they did migrate more noticeably at the four-hour mark.

As an Eye Color

I did not find them usable on the lid except for the barest wash of almost no-color, random shimmer, and they definitely had a tendency to look more the same than different. The wear was particularly dismal, as they did not dry down well and gathered in any lines/creases on my skin within 15 minutes of wear. It was hard to use these with precision as they didn’t apply well with brushes, and my fingertips offer very little in the way of precision (too big, I guess).

As a Lip Color

I actually found that they worked best as lip colors, though they’re not a stellar lipstick formula when compared to the myriad of lipstick formulas available these days. They had more medium to semi-opaque color payoff when applied with fingertips, and the color went on fairly evenly. The shimmer/sparkle distributed evenly and left a shiny, sparkly finish behind that didn’t emphasize my lip texture as much as expected but did accentuate it. Once on, they felt drier, thin, and featherweight, and I didn’t find them uncomfortable to wear. They lasted one to two hours and weren’t hydrating (but also not drying).



Orgasm Ecstasy

Orgasm Ecstasy is a pale white gold with a pearly sheen. It had medium pigmentation when I applied it with fingertips, and it was buildable on lips but not on cheeks or eyes. The texture was emollient, thin, and lightweight with moderate tackiness. There was a very low-level sheen on eyes and cheeks; it wasn’t as dewy as other shades in the palette.

When applied as a cheek product using fingertips, I had to pat it onto the area I wanted most of it, just barely diffuse the edge, and then needed to leave it alone as more blending resulted in the product getting transferred (and stuck to) to my fingertip rather than my cheek. It did not perform well over foundation as it lifted and created patchiness that only worsened over time. On bare skin, it lasted for five hours before migrating noticeably.

As an eye product, it creased within 15 minutes, though it seemed to blend out okay. As a lip product, the color went on unevenly, sank into lip lines, and emphasized my lip texture. It stayed on for an hour as a lip product and was non-drying.

Deep Orgasm

Deep Orgasm is a coppery plum with strong, warm undertones and a pearly sheen with a strong mix of pink and gold pearl. It had sheer to medium coverage that was best applied with fingertips to achieve semi-sheer or better coverage; brushes achieved almost no payoff whatsoever as it did not pick up well with a brush and transferred to my skin even worse. The texture was emollient, thin, and tacky with a semi-dry down where it didn’t feel as wet or as creamy on my skin; it was barely tacky as a cheek product, noticeably emollient on my lids, and totally dried-down on my lips. I could only get it to look decent by gently patting it onto the apples and barely spreading it out and hoping it didn’t look too unblended in photos or else it turned patchier the more I fussed with it. Don’t bother trying it over foundation as it lifted and/or created patchiness (depending on how much one applied). It lasted, at best, five hours as a cheek product on bare skin.

As an eye product, it creased within 15 minutes of application and never stopped moving around. As a lip product, it had almost semi-opaque applied with fingertips, and the color applied evenly with only minor emphasis of my lip texture. It was lightweight, thin but didn’t feel clingy, though it only lasted for two hours on me.

Super Orgasm

Super Orgasm is a light-medium pink with warm, gold shimmer. It had semi-sheer pigmentation and did not build up on eyes, cheeks, or lips. It had an emollient, creamy texture that was tacky and thin with a drier finish on my skin, though it remained more noticeably emollient on my lid space (where it just moved around like a perpetual slip ‘n’ slide) but was totally dry on my lips (but not clingy).

Applied with fingertips, I was able to get semi-sheer pigmentation to translate on my bare skin, and then I had to just barely blend along the edge for fear of disturbing the product. If I spent too long trying to get it into place, the product started to disappear (as if it was sticking and adhering to my fingertip more and more). It wore well for five hours before moving around noticeably.

As an eye product, it creased within 15 minutes and was hard to apply evenly as it just moved around but didn’t stay in place well. As a lip product, it went on somewhat evenly but settled into my deeper lip lines. It lasted for an hour and a half as a lip product.

Double Orgasm

Double Orgasm is a soft, pinky beige with a sparkling, shiny finish. The texture was emollient, tacky, but thinner and lightweight. It looked so promising on–sparking, shiny, and luminous–but the wear time was a dismal five hours before it started to move around noticeably on my skin.

It was worse over foundation, as it just created a patchy, lifted mess that degraded further over the next four hours. It had semi-sheer to medium coverage (not buildable, though, one layer was your best shot and you better have taken it) applied as a cheek color using my fingertip, no color payoff when I used a brush (true magic!), and it had to be patted quickly into place with minimal effort to diffuse/blend or else it started bunch up on itself and disappear. It lasted five hours on its own as a cheek highlighter.

As an eye product, it creased within 15 minutes and was hard to evenly disperse the larger sparkles on the lid to begin with. As a lip product, it applied with semi-sheer to medium coverage when I used my fingertip, and it applied fairly evenly but some product settled into my deeper lip lines. It only lasted for an hour and a half as a lip color but wasn’t drying.

Orgasm Fever

Orgasm Fever is a soft bronze with warm undertones and a sparkling, golden finish. It had semi-sheer color payoff that wasn’t buildable except on lips, where it was more medium to semi-opaque in coverage. The texture was emollient, creamy but tacky, and difficult to work with as it did not work with brushes at all (no payoff transferred from brush to skin/eyes/lips).

Using fingertips, I was able to pat it onto bare skin, just barely brush along the edges (with the edge of my fingertip) to diffuse a bit, but then had to move away from it or else it started to bunch up on itself and disappear. It stayed on decently for five hours as a standalone cheek product but did not last as long over foundation (where it had already created some patchiness during application).

As an eye product, it creased within 15 minutes and did not blend out evenly. As a lip product, it applied somewhat evenly, emphasized my lip texture a bit, felt thin but wasn’t drying, and lasted for two hours.


Orgasm is a light, rosy copper with warm undertones and a soft, satiny sheen. It looked nothing like the powder blush, which I did find a little strange (surely they could have thought of one more themed name!). The texture was emollient, thin, and a little oily in a way with some tackiness, though it felt mostly dried down on my cheeks, totally dried down on lips, but never dried down on my eyes (based on how it moved everywhere and creased immediately).

It had medium pigmentation applied with fingertips to my cheeks, but I had to be very careful to barely blend out the edges or else it would start to disappear–the more one blended, the less visible the product was. If I used a brush, there was no color payoff at all. It managed to last for five hours as a cheek color on bare skin.

As an eye product, it creased within 15 minutes. As a lip product, it applied with medium pigmentation that was somewhat buildable, dried down quickly, and distributed evenly, though there was some emphasis of my lip texture. It lasted for two hours as a lip product and was non-drying.