NARS Claudette Blush Duo Review



NARS Claudette Powder Blush Duo is a new, limited edition blush duo that has one of the firmest/stiffest textures I’ve had the displeasure of attempting to use. I had to scrape off layers of product, effectively turning it into a loose powder, to get any product to come off of the surface of the pan for swatches/application. Once broken up, both powders were usable, but this was way worse than a case of just the initial layer being firmer–it seemed stiff the whole way through.


Croisette is a brighter, medium pink-coral with moderate, warm undertones and a matte finish. In order to get pigmentation/usability from this product, I had to scrape off layers of powder using a metal spatula, which made it more like a loose powder. The actual powder was too firmly-pressed into the pan to be functional–even when I tried to use heavy pressure and my fingertip to swatch, I could not get color to transfer onto my arm.

After breaking off some of the product, I was able to get more opaque coverage–like the actual product seemed pigmented but the texture/formula were off–that adhered so-so to my skin. It wasn’t the most blendable blush to work with. This shade lasted for seven and a half hours before fading noticeably.


Ninotchka is a muted, medium-dark orange with warm, brownish undertones and a matte finish. The texture was smooth to the touch but very firm and stiff to work with, effectively yielding no color payoff when I tried to apply it–whether fingertips or brushes.

The only way I was able to make anyway progress was pushing off layers of product, which was like turning the pressed powder into a loose powder. Once broken up a bit, I was able to get mostly opaque coverage that applied decently bare skin, but it was thin and harder to blend out than most blushes. It stayed on for seven and a half hours before fading visibly.