NAPPY FLOCK’s Latest Music Video ‘Animal’ Is Off The Wall In All The Ways

In this fluctuating hip hop scene, NAPPY FLOCK manages to maintain his huge fan base with a consistent dose of entertainment like his latest music video ‘Animal’ that is released on 24th March 2020 with likes that have crossed a thousand within few hours of its release. The United States Rapper keeps himself updated and tap into the change in the musical trends to continue producing up and upcoming rap songs. I was totally captivated with the surreal musical bars in its intro that radiates his proactive persona and his enormous capability to wobble through the shifting style of hip hop in the world.

‘Animal’ is directed by LEFONTLEE FILMS and produced by the record label WHAT KIND OF PLACE. NAPPY FLOCK is a wild rapper who explains his thoughts in an unapologetic manner without any hesitation. His savage attitude to the society intrigued me to watch the music video on a loop. He shows how dangerous the world can be and to fit in the chaos, one must bring out his animal instincts to survive. This unpredictable music video still lingers in my closed eyes with his funky rap rants making me dance in my mind. With such innovative concepts and crazy fans’ support, he will soon be the star of the nation.

Nappy Flock release his ‘Animal’ video on youtube: