Nail Art Trends: 10 Super Cute Designs You Can Do At Home

Seeing as there is a lockdown in most places, some people are lucky they are able to work from home while others have to wait until the isolation season is over to return to work. If you fall under the later category, then this is the perfect time to experiment with those nail art / designs you’ve been saving.

With the coronavirus pandemic, nail technicians are no longer able to save us, so having to go to the salon to get your nails done is out of the question.

If you’re among the special group of women who are addicted to having their nails all cute and fancy, now is the perfect time to master the DIY skills you need to do your nails all by yourself. By the time the quarantine is over, you’d realize that you have experimented with so many nail art designs that you no longer need to go to the nail salon.

Here are 10 super cute nail art trends you should try…

#1. French manicure with a twist

french manicure with a twist@nailedit.byamara

The French manicure is a classic but sometimes even classics can be reinvented. The classic French mani has a clear-pinkish base with white tips and the contemporary twist comes in the form of any artsy additions or how you shape the white tips.

#2. Double French

double french manicure diy-quarantine-nails:-10-really-cute-nail-art-trends-you-can-do-at-home@jeanette_skonhetspalatset

With the double French nail art, there are no specific rules. All that is required is your regular French manicure with double lines. The lines can be close to each other or you can have one at the top and the other at the bottom. The nails become your canvas as you create what suits you.

#3. Negative space

negative space manicure diy-quarantine-nails:-10-really-cute-nail-art-trends-you-can-do-at-home@nail_art_by_tal

Negative space nail art are manicures where your un-colored nail peeps through bold designs. With this, you would definitely make an influential statement and maybe even start your own trend!

#4. Spotted nails

spotted nails manicure diy-quarantine-nails:-10-really-cute-nail-art-trends-you-can-do-at-home@madisonave.nails

Like the name, this means having spots on your nails like the polka dot. What makes this a fun DIY is that you don’t need fancy tools to achieve this design. Armed with your bobby pin or a tooth pick, you are well on your way to having one of the coolest nail arts yet.

#5. Water marble nails

Watch how to do water marble nails

#6. Cuticle dot

cuticle dot manicure cuticle art@paragonnails

Unlike the spotted nail art with its dots scattered all over the nails, the cuticle dot has its dot or dots close to the cuticle. The fewer the number of dots, the more classy it looks!

#7. Cuticle stripes

cuticle stripe manicure with glitters@betina_goldstein

This is a minimalistic nail art trend that features a glossy, but completely bare base nail with a skinny colorful stripe hugging the curve of your cuticle.

#8. Embellished nails

embellished nails manicure diy-quarantine-nails:-10-really-cute-nail-art-trends-you-can-do-at-home@liocaofficial

How do you turn a simple manicure to a glam one? It’s easy! Pile on the bling! You could either go subtle and add a little embellishment on one nail or go big and pile it on more than one.

9. Ombré nails

Ombré nails are a unique way to elevate the basic manicure. With a foam sponge and two nail polishes of your choice, you can achieve this nail look with so much ease.

#10. Plaid nails

Forget about your plaid fabrics for now. This is the time to transfer those plaid prints that you love onto your nails.

Wanna be more adventurous? You can even combine two or more designs to start your own trend.


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