NABLA Cosmetics Midnight Cutie Palette



NABLA Cosmetics Midnight Cutie Palette is a new, blue-leaning collection of shades that ranged from matte to intense sparkle. The palette included interesting finishes, but they were not the easiest to work with, especially for anyone who tends to use dry brushes.

Blue Hour

Blue Hour is a slightly muted, deep cobalt blue with strong, cool undertones–almost leaning purple–paired with a matte finish. The eyeshadow was nearly opaque in a single layer, and it was easy to build it up to full coverage with less than half of a layer more. The texture was soft, thinner, and a little drier to the touch, but I didn’t have any issues during application as the product blended out well. It wore nicely for eight hours before fading visibly.


Air is a pale, sky blue with strong, cool undertones and a satin finish. The texture was thicker and a little drier, which gave it a chalky, powdery effect applied to my skin, despite it having a slightly creamier feel to the touch (in the pan). It had semi-opaque color coverage that did not blend out readily with a brush, though it was more malleable using my fingertip. It lasted for eight hours before fading a bit.


Marseille is a light, golden bronze with strong, warm undertones and a smooth, metallic sheen. The texture was moderately dense, almost cream-like as it had some slip and substance to it, but picked up readily with a dry brush. It had rich pigmentation that stayed on well for eight and a half hours before showing signs of wear.


Sapphire is a vivid, medium-dark blue with strong, cool undertones and a sparkling sheen. It had opaque pigmentation in a single layer, but the texture was denser and thicker, which made it harder to pick up product evenly. I also had issues with fallout due to the thickness, as the product did not want to transfer and adhere as well to bare skin. It worked better with a fingertip or a dampened brush to avoid fallout. This shade wore well for eight hours before fading a bit.

NABLA Cosmetics Alma Fluid Metal Eyeshadow

NABLA Cosmetics Alma Fluid Metal Eyeshadow



Alma is a pale, bluish-white with an iridescent pearl throughout. It had semi-opaque, buildable color payoff that applied evenly to bare skin and blended out without difficulty. The texture was smooth to the touch, moderately dense but picked up well with a dry brush. It lasted nicely for eight hours before fading noticeably.

Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm has a blackened, navy blue base with flecks of lighter blue and teal sparkle throughout. The texture was more emollient and felt almost wet to the touch, which helped the larger flecks of sparkle adhere to the lid and not immediately result in fallout. It had a more translucent base, so it tended to look better in motion (in person) than in a still photo (where the base looked a little patchy); it was described as a “top coat” by the brand. I would recommend applying this shade with a fingertip, though, to get the smoothest and most even application. There were signs of light fallout after eight hours of wear.