NABLA Cosmetics Glimmer Light Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

Glimmer Light

NABLA Cosmetics Glimmer Light Cheek Palette is a new, glittering trio of blushes. This is a palette for sparkle and glitter lovers, though they buff nicely into the skin and leave a very shiny, luminous finish that’s sparkling but doesn’t look like “dirt” at any angle (that I could detect, at least). I think that they appear more sparkly initially, but the sparkles are fine and flat enough that they sit well on skin.

The formula is supposed to have a “translucent base” that has a “sheer touch of color” that can be built up paired with “dazzling pearls.” The color was sheer to semi-sheer for the base, which was buildable to medium to opaque coverage with two to three layers, while there was always a moderate dose of sparkle/shine.

The powders are quite dense and more firmly-pressed into the pan, so a heavier hand is necessary even to pick up one layer of product (and I’d use a moderately dense brush). I didn’t feel like I had to really jab away at it, and they blended out well on my skin, so they weren’t stiff to work with. They lasted around eight to nine hours on me for the color, but there was some migration of sparkle over that time period.


Supermoon is a pale, silvery pink base with iridescent pink and gold sparkle throughout. It had sheer coverage that was buildable to semi-opaque pigmentation (three layers). The texture was smooth to the touch, almost emollient, but it was firmly-pressed into the pan and felt denser overall, so I had to use a heavier hand and denser brush to pick up product evenly. The highlighter applied well to bare skin and blended out easily without emphasizing my skin’s natural texture. This shade looked quite a bit lighter swatched and applied than it did in the pan. Most of the product was still visible on my cheeks after eight and a half hours of wear, but there was noticeable migration/fallout over time.


Elixir is a brighter pop of coral-orange with redder undertones and warmer, gold sparkle and pearl throughout. It had buildable coverage from semi-sheer to mostly opaque coverage (two to three layers). The texture was dense and firmly-pressed into the pan, though it blended out easily on my skin so I wouldn’t describe it as a stiff. I’d recommend using a moderate-to-heavy hand and a moderately dense brush to pick up product evenly. It wore well for nine hours but had some sparkle migration within five hours of wear.


Reborn is a bright, medium-dark raspberry pink with subtle, cool undertones and cooler, fuchsia and gold sparkle. The texture felt firmer to the touch, dense, and definitely needed to be used with a denser brush and/or heavier hand (but no fallout or kick up!). It had buildable coverage from semi-sheer to nearly opaque (two layers) that applied evenly and blended out well on bare skin. There were some sparkles that had migrated while worn, but the majority of the color and most of the sparkles were intact after eight and a half hours of wear.