naBBoo composes the upcoming single ‘Middle of the Night’ wrapped in an octave-jumping hook

The exuberant music producer naBBooplays the latest EDM track ‘Middle of the Night’ with inventive loops of synth that will be out on April 24, 2020, on all platforms. The new smash hit ‘Middle of the Night’ by the unrivaled EDM artist and music producer naBBoowill be arriving on 24th April 2020 on all the major platforms to stream all month. With its release, the sound genius will unravel his next collaboration with a mystic composition to sweep the audience off their feet. Its unbound flow of electronic beats and sporadically undulating notes will give away a superfly spirit amidst the wailing situation outside in the world. He has been living in France for years with big musical feats under his hood.

naBBoo is familiar with the conventional name BobanApostolovisin his birthplace. He started off his career a few years back with a flaming dream in his eyes and years of experience with all the nitty-gritty aspects in the production houses gave him the formidable confidence to put up his own show to baffle the world. His successful project collaborations with the iconic musicians of all times i.e. M.Pokora and  Jenifer Lopez gave him the ground to become an influential musician above all. His recent French work with the famous pop singer Kylie Minogue along with Bob Sinclair made him a worldwide name overnight.

The new single ‘Middle of the Night’ is the upcoming project that is in the position to land on all the exclusive streaming platforms like a spacecraft and give us a free interstellar ride with its club-happy electronic melodies. So far, the in-demand music producer has produced some avant-garde projects with Misha Miller, KANATA, and many more astonishing artists. His previous collaboration with Eneli titled ‘Out of My Mind’ and a ton of other hits made him a Multi-Platinum Producer. The fans can check the teaser of the upcoming track on his youtube and Instagram page that gives a sneak peek if the exclusive jaw-dropping music video releasing on 24th April 2020.

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