N2BLÜ deserves a shout out for their latest single ‘Hurricane’

Founded in 2019, N2BLÜ is soaring up to the heights of success with every year. They have released a new single ‘Hurricane’ that is available on youtube and other platforms.


Two dreams came true in the year 2019 when Jonathan Arceneaux, hailing from New Orleans, and Russian electro-music composer Konstantin Smorodnikov merged up as one band called N2BLÜ after they were approached by Loren Israel to participate in his songwriting mentorship program. After that, they have produced many songs together and now they have come with a brand new single ‘Hurricane’ that feels like a stream of emotions overflowing through the soulful vocal of Jonathan Arceneaux and tripping club beats of Konstantin Smorodnikov. It is a new pop song written by Jonathan Arceneaux that bears out his unstable emotions storming up inside his heart as he takes a leap to the unknown where the future is blurred with the one whom he gave his heart. With his ability of tremendous songwriting and stompy rhythms, it creates a clear scene of uncertainty in his love affair that is no less tempestuous than a hurricane as a well-wrought pop song.

N2BLÜ is busy with other upcoming projects to produce more pop symphonies blended in Russian club drills and drops. The new single is a smooth mix of different sound textures with the euphonious vocal that conveys that deepest and intense feelings. ‘Hurricane’ is available on youtube, Spotify and Apple music. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated.

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