Mya Unleashes a Captivating New Video for 1998 Smash Hit “It’s All About Me” in Commemoration of its 25th Anniversary

Mya unveils a captivating surprise for her fans with the release of a brand new music video for her iconic 1998 debut hit single, “It’s All About Me.” This extraordinary release serves as a heartfelt celebration of the song’s 25th anniversary and showcases a revitalized choreography. Through this video, Mýa takes us on a remarkable journey spanning 25 years in the music industry, highlighting her enduring talent as a leading dancer and performer.

A Reinvented Experience Directed and Choreographed by Brian Friedman

The 2023 rendition of “It’s All About Me” comes to life under the direction and choreography of the legendary Brian Friedman, an innovator and visionary in the dance industry. This collaboration marks yet another significant milestone in their illustrious history of successful artistic endeavors, which includes Mýa’s acclaimed music video for “My Love is like Wo!”

Celebrating Mýa’s 25th Anniversary in the Music Industry

This year, the music industry celebrates Mýa’s remarkable 25-year journey. Her self-titled debut album, released in 1998, achieved the exceptional feat of going double platinum. As a testament to her enduring talent and boundless creativity, Mýa continues to surprise and delight her fans with new projects on the horizon.

Stay tuned for what Mya has in store for the future, as she continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her unmatched artistry and passion for music.