Music: TxTHEWAY – ‘Come From Nothing’

South Florida singer TxTHEWAY debuts his new single, “Come From Nothing.” A reminder of humble beginnings, the song takes a relationship that has evolved over the years; similar to a “rags-to-riches” story. A tropical track and smooth melody are all that TxTHEWAY needed, this time around, to deliver this summer-ready single. “Come From Nothing” holds the familiar story of two people who’ve risen up out of poverty and managed to hold on to each other in the process. It’s a testament to how some of the strongest couples in hip-hop are the ones who were together prior to the money and fame.

In the song, TxTHEWAY’s lyrics speak to being able to enjoy the progress that you’ve made while also remaining grounded and humble: “Look at these moves we making. Doesn’t it feel amazing? You got to keep yourself grounded or you’ll get swept away when the storm winds blow.”

While still considered a new artist, TxTHEWAY is a platinum-certified songwriter who has collaborated with many singers in music. Last year, he released his popular single “JUMP,” which garnered hundreds of thousands of hits on Spotify. With his new single, “Come From Nothing,” ready to take on the summer, it will be interesting to see what else he pulls out the bag before it’s all said and done.