Music: Steven Christopher – In My Head

Steven Christopher returns to music with an emotional single called “In My Head,” which tackles the issues of mental health. The Memphis native was first introduced into the music industry with the previously released single “Only One,” reaching over 200k streams on various music platforms. After taking a break from music, fans await the return of his explosive, soulful voice.

The self-written and produced single talks about Christopher’s internal and external struggles he has dealt with over the years. The trap-pop song encompasses a mellow piano sound, with a smooth melody, as the base hits your chest. Christopher shares his feelings about being alone and the danger of being stuck in his own head. He sings about the heavy burdens life has thrown his way and blames himself for not being able to carry it. The song also details how Christopher’s experience with moving to L.A. was a difficult transition. Christopher sings, “Drove two thousand to LA, still a loner in a hill, thinkin’ will I ever make it, faith been kinda’ shaken.” The doubt of ever making it as a music artist haunted him. However, by the end of the song Christopher finds peace within himself and his flaws by repeatedly singing, “I love me, I love me.”

This song relates to individuals who struggle with mental health. Christopher wrote this song to share his “loner in the hill” journey in hopes of inspiring others and as a reminder to himself that tough times do not last forever. The track is relatable, vulnerable and appropriate for the current social climate, with persons who have and are experiencing similar struggles and feelings of sadness. Be on the lookout for the singer/songwriter’s full- length EP later this year; that will sure promote healing and self-care.

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