Music: Rico Davis – ‘The Golden Ratio: Volume One’

Merging genres is a breeze for songwriter / performer Rico Davis, who has created a symphony of R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Funk, Electro and Pop on his new project The Golden Ratio: Volume One, which releases today via Davis’ own Young America / ONErpm. The first edition carries inspiration from life and art, as the New York native navigates his experiences through a vibrant maze of sounds, hitting a range of retro to futuristic vibes.

“I started writing and recording The Golden Ratio back in 2015,” Rico Davis explains. “I remember reaching a crossroads in my life where I had to decide to break a lot of old mentalities and beliefs. Everything in my life had become leveled out, and I knew it was time to grow and evolve. This album helped me do just that. Each song represents a confession in a sense. I talk about my addictions, falling in love, struggling, breaking up, and much more. It was tremendously therapeutic for me. I’m forever grateful to be able to share this album with everyone.”

Uplifting the swarm of deep feelings, The Golden Ratio: Volume One thumps heartily through the speakers as appearances from the exciting Disco Black and Cook Thugless accent Rico Davis’ irreverent “Cocaine Pussy”, and Young America partner / label mate Quis Vaughn joins in on the fan favorite track “Hustle Harder”. Production includes stellar work from Rico and Quis Vaughn, as well as The A-Team, Akills Music, Fran Cathcart, Justin Davis, Jason Pitman, JG and Jsoundz. The result is something that people will be able to relate to in various ways.

“I’m not one to create and live by expectations, especially with my art,” expresses Rico. “I will say that this album would ideally inspire the listener to be themselves; take their worst mistakes and experiences and create something empowering and life changing out of it like I have. Through writing this album, I learned that nothing in my life is actually ‘good or bad’, but more so beneficial and non beneficial. What a liberating truth!” Music fans around the world can enjoy today on all digital platforms via Young America here: