Music: KVNG Is “Broken” But In A Good Way

United Kingdom’s rising R&B superstar, KVNG is back on the mainstream with an eight-track EP titled “Broken.” Curated by KVNG to capture multiple scenic moments, “Broken” is introspective and sonically illustrates the aftermath of a breakup from the perspective of a man. With odes of transparency, the EP explores themes of love, regret, honesty, maturity, and the power of manhood. KVNG is one of the UK’s most highly touted rising musical talents, who is renowned for fusing R&B and Pop in his signature progressive sound. Everything he curates is heartfelt, delivered with strong vocals, and constructed in his unique style. KVNG’s songs come from genuine, real-life experiences and feelings which can be heard throughout “Broken.”

“Broken” features elements of trap, dancehall, and R&B. KVNG creates a project that exudes a synergistic symphony of sounds while he dabbles in intricate and concise lyricism. The incorporation of sweeping synths and moving melodies highlights components of classic musical storytelling to its highest degree. Consider KVNG a modern day Beethoven for his ability to create a musical masterpiece from multiple perspectives of music.

In addition to the new project, KVNG adds an additional wave with the release of his latest single, “Teardrops,” which he penned and produced. “Teardrops” sees the singer addressing inner demons and emotional distress caused from holding on to the feelings of regret he has from loving his former partner. With a backdrop of melodic percussion and a stirring bass line, this R&B single is combined with Trap elements to bring soothing and soulful vibrations that are sure to follow. Overall, “Broken” is a very well constructed and executed R&B project that showcases KVNG’s ability to make timeless music that will captivate listeners in The UK and all over the world.