Music: Kuji Young – Taboo

Rising R&B artist/producer Kuji Young had decided to finally give the world his first single, “Taboo.” What first started off as a demo with no direction, brought to life a song with a lot of enticing elements. Young’s smoothing voice resonates on a track of ocean waves and subtle percussion sounds. With lyrics that speak of forbidden love, Young discusses falling in love with someone who he can’t have. As he continues, he talks about a girl having a man and him having a girlfriend.

Despite it all, the two are attracted to one another, however, they both acknowledge that they’re no good for each other. Young says that he was inspired to write the song after watching Netflix’s “You.” He started with the first verse, “I saw you with your man… I want you even more now,” and then continued to add in more to create a story.

“Taboo” takes its name from the song’s hook, which incorporates the words of Sade Adu’s “The Sweetest Taboo.” The 4x Grammy Award-winner just so happens to also be Young’s favorite singer.

“I wanted to pay homage to Sade and it just felt right with the beat and the story,” said Young.

“This song has become so important to me because it is my first offering to the world as Kuji Young, the artist,” he adds. “I also feel like it does a good job in bridging the gap between Gen X, Millenials and Post Millenials with its new-age, 808 heavy, yet vibey beat and call-back lyrics.”

Kuji Young’s first single “Taboo” is currently available on all major streaming services.