Music Industry Witnesses the Rise of Another Star in the Form of Umutmusic

Leading with impeccable musicianship, love for music-making and fascinating writing skills, producer/composer/singer/songwriter/entrepreneur Umut, famously known as The Umutmusic is the ultimate option for the hardcore music fans. Born and brought up in Turkey, the artist is now a renowned name across the global platform of YouTube and Spotify. He has this amazing quality of enchanting the audience from the very beginning of his track. His charming presence in the music videos is enough to make anyone fall in love with him and his musicianship.

Having started to make music in 2005, Umutvery quickly climbed the ladder of success and ultimately joined the Rap/R&B music group, named Barakabeat. His elder brother Ufuk, famously known as Argo also accompanied him in the group. Umut attained tremendous success while performing for the group across the land of Turkey. The breaking up of the group led to another chapter of his life, where he started producing music as a solo performer. During this time, he also worked on enhancing his musical skills and performed as a DJ at clubs and events of the Netherlands.

Having studied filmmaking in New York, Umutis now the owner of his own label His latest music video ‘With You‘ under this label is the ultimate proof of his fascinating artistry and versatility as a musician. One can never argue with his passion and intensity when it comes to music-making. The music industry is certainly blessed to have someone like him to carry forward the legacy. Just log in to the online music platforms and let your soul get soaked within musical magnificence.

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