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Singer and songwriter Franny underwent personal growth after a very learning relationship and now she details those flaws on her new single, “Caught Up.” Leading with catching vocals and tantalizing melodies, the R&B/Pop songstress infects us with her honesty as she recounts her emotional rollercoaster on the song.

“‘Caught Up’ was written at a time when I was extremely confused about a guy and just felt some sort of connection with him,” states Franny. “It was my plead for his love and affection I thought he had for me but was just too scared to show it. Every time we were together felt like a “moment” that I really couldn’t explain.”

The relatable lyrics uphold the same genuineness and confidence that’s built Franny’s audience over the years.

Franny Arrieta is an independent Puerto Rican/Colombian-American music artist from New Jersey. Raised on an assortment of Latin fusion sounds, her music is predominantly R&B/Soul with a Latin essence. Franny, who is bilingual, made her official debut as an artist in Summer 2018, releasing music under Univision’s music residency to a fan base of over half a million, which she has garnered through her lifestyle, beauty, and music videos on YouTube and Instagram.

Franny’s music exudes a soulful R&B sound that ties in with her effortless cool-girl aesthetic, akin to the jazz, R&B, and pop stars who have inspired her musical career from the outset.

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