Music: Demon Days – Taking It Slow This Time

Perth, Australia’s neo-soul jazz collective Demon Days released their self-produced EP, ‘Taking It Slow This Time.’ The 6-track EP is headed by the singles “Hands-Free” and “Gravel.” The project showcases the band’s versatile musicianship as well as their freakish ability to diversify the concept of soul music. The EP draws its namesake from the processes employed to write it: The band took their time to bring their ideas to life collectively. Employing instrumentalists from outside the group for the first time, the EP features lush strings, punchy horns, and themes around old-school jazz.

“Each song had more thought behind it lyrically and arrangement wise,” notes the group. “We wanted this to be bigger and better and so we got more people involved having string sections, complicated horn parts and indulging more on synth tones and melodies.”