Mrvpk6 has set the stage on fire with the scintillating and brilliant music video ‘Mama Said Do The Leg’

Mrvpk6 has scored a fabulous number with the enthralling music video ‘Mama Said Do The Leg’. It is a brilliant track by the phenomenal pop and hip hop artist. Mrvpk6 also known as Victor is a splendid rapper who has also ventured into pop and electronic tunes. The singer who is based out of Denver has dished out the enticing track ‘Mama Said Do The Leg’. According to me, it is a unique and fascinating music video by the singer who happens to be a producer and a Dj as well. His songs have a space for relatable experiences from the daily humdrum of life. He has drawn inspirations from musical legends like KB, Eminem, Drake, and Kayla Rae to name a few. You could log in to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account of the singer to know more about him.

The track ‘Mama Said Do The Leg’ by the gifted Mrvpk6 comes from his latest LP album. The song has got a tremendous vibe and the pace varies incredibly. There is a mumble in the rap which is impeccable and refreshing. In my opinion, the song deserves a four and a half star. Some of his popular numbers are ‘It’s Party Time’, ’Spittin’ The Truth’, ‘It’s Black Friday’ and ’I Love Everything’. You could also plug into popular streaming apps like YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify to listen to his songs.