Mr. Dalvin DeGrate – GoodTimez Featuring Tali

Mr. Dalvin DeGrate is a musical icon who was part of the world-famous R&B quartet, Jodeci. Along with his co-members, DeGrate helped usher in contemporary R&B fused with hip-hop and the new jack sound. He brings the same originality and creativity to his latest release, “GoodTimez” featuring Tali. This infectious jam features samples from Chic, Eric B. and Rakim — with a steady beat that will keep your fingers snapping and toes tapping all night long.

This upbeat, vibrant tune captures the excitement and enjoyment of yesteryear with outdoor barbecues, family reunions, and fun-filled socials. The lyrics are cleverly written with Mr. Dalvin’s signature voice and backup vocals by Tali blaring over the sound system. This song will make you feel good as you recite each verse at your next house party or online Zoom call with friends and loved ones.

The beat will definitely make you want to do the electric slide, bounce, or reminisce about the good old days. Dalvin and Tali have created a timeless song here that will become an anthem for summer parties and festive occasions. “GoodTimez” is courtesy of K.A.M.P Muzik and brings us back to a simpler time when things made sense. This feel-good, positive track transcends a myriad of musical styles and genres. From classic R&B and hip-hop to urban contemporary, “GoodTimez” is a must for party people that love modern jams with an old-school essence and feeling. Check out the track below and let the positive vibes flow!

Listen now: