Motoworks Suzuki GT380 was conceptualized using a CAD software To Perfection

Regarded a niche and analog art, motorcycle customization has evolved rapidly throughout the years. Becoming a digitized design study, the meticulous process of customization reconsiders every aspect of build. From its machining parts to the reimagined body panels, and every minute detail in between, custom motorcycle represent months, if not years, of tireless dedication.

Born out of 2D sketches, the Motoworks Suzuki GT380 was conceptualized using a CAD software, which allowed creator Sean Pelletier the liberty to inspect, design, and test, each individual component before fabrication and installation. More than a bike, the Suzuki GT380 represents Pelletier’s personal conquest to create a high quality machine in the shortest feasible time period.

Armed with a challenge which easily dictated Pelletier’s every selection, the Suzuki GT380 is based on a mid-70s GT380. Gearing toward a performance/sport-centric design, Sean Pelletier swiftly teamed up with Denver-based industrial designer Jeremy Lacy, in order to establish the essential mechanical parameters and bodywork.

Broken down to a series of parts that could be machined or welded, Sean carefully measured and modeled the engine in MOTA, an engine simulation program designed for two strokes, which “can also be used to simulate changes in exhaust design, to maximize power.” Showcasing stainless steel expansion chambers which were laser cut, welded, and then ceramic coated in satin black, the Suzuki GT380 comes complete with an aluminum cell fuel tank that fits effortlessly under a custom fiberglass tank cover, which integrates seamlessly into the subframe holding the seat.

With a GSX-R600 fork up front and an Öhlins unit at the rear, the Suzuki GT380 is dialed-in to perfection. Power-packed and undeniably sturdy, this formidable masterpiece took approximately six months of 20-hour work-weeks to complete – which would arguably be no quicker than the average custom motorcycle project, if not for its distinct frame, engine mods, and one-off bodywork.