Moto RAZR Is Officially Back! Now With A Touch Screen

Last night, Motorola held a reveal event in Los Angeles for its new phone, featuring a special performance from Diplo, as well as music by Sita Abellan. But the real star of the night was definitely the newly designed Moto RAZR, now with a touch screen, but retaining the same foldable style. The Moto RAZR will be officially available for retail in January 2020, but the event allowed a lot of notable reviewers early hands-on access to the phone, and the general consensus is pretty positive. Popular phone reviewer Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, offered one of the more comprehensive, consumer-friendly reviews of the phone from the event.

At the end of the day, this phone is going to be about nostalgia. That means it needs to have the right hand-feel, the right size, the right branding, and everything else the original had. Brownlee noted this in his own review, commenting on the iconic snap that the original had when folding the phone back, and this one has it, too. The complex hinge for the foldable screen interrupts a bit of the seamlessness of the design, but it works brilliantly to prevent the screen from adopting too much of a crease — at least, for now.

The phone will retail for $1,499, with a 6.2″ display when folded out. There’s no headphone jack on this one, and only one camera, but that one camera will be great at taking selfies with the display screen view when folded.

Check out the brief review from MKBHD below.

Photo via MKBHD