Most disappointing products in 2018

Worse of 2018

The most disappointing products

By the end of the year 2018, it is fun to think about some of the most interesting and interesting products that have been published and reviewed over the last year, but I love also think about products that have dropped over the course of the year. . When I think of the worst of the year, it is more the level of expectations and what has been published; it is not necessarily the least good quality but was he very excited then totally disappointing? The list below is a mix of products that are disappointing for quality (some being terribly bad) and others because these brands can or have done better.

For example, I do not have the impression that Wet ‘n’ Wild improved their Color Icon Eyeshadow formula. The mattes seem a little more pigmented and mix, but they are not doing as well. The shimmers are often much worse than before. The old palette of the comfort zone I miss. Sephora has reformulated his range of multicolored eyeshadows, which I deeply regret having bought “all the nuances” of the past experience (I have not even finished testing them all because the reader’s interest fades after several disappointing and critical evaluations!).

What is remarkable about this year’s list is that brands that have achieved very high marks this year and previous years have spots on my list. Fenty Beauty has four products on my list: Rose on Ice (much better in the pot now!), Moroccan Spice Palette (not bad but should be so much better!), Killawatt Foil Palette (wrapping is a let fall, the formula was not as good as possible), and the awful and ugly metallic pencils for the eyes and lips.

Luxury Prices Tom Ford landed four places on my list of 20 with Private Shadows (for more than $ 30 singles, they should be consistent AND of high quality), even darker, Shadow Extremes, ho-hum Amber Sun, and the last disappointing experience I had with double end eyeliners. Over the years, I am Tom Ford’s favorite, but this year, I am less and less impressed by the offers and consistency of quality.

It is not surprising that some of the more packaging-oriented launches of MAC are on my list, such as the Nicopanda kits and the Lo-Fi mega-pallet. What is surprising is that Viseart Small Pro 02 was a product so different from the quality I expected from the brand. In the same way, I’m waiting and I know that Urban Decay can do better, and that’s why this year’s new Naked Palette palette, Naked Cherry, is added to my list.

Have you had flop products this year? Products that have disappointed you?

MAC Girl Bronzer Powder ($ 28.00 for 0.35 oz) is a soft brown, slightly medium brown, with warm, orange undertones and golden tones on a nearly matte finish .

MAC Lo-Fi The Jeremy Scott Eyeshadow x29 palette ($ 75.00 for 0.51 oz) is an example where the attention is paid to the packaging but not enough to the product to the inside.

The formula is supposed to be “highly pigmented” to “keep its luster”. Some shades were pigmented, others not. The majority of eye shadows had a more granular and drier texture, with an excess of swollen product in the pan and were prone to moderate spills during application without the use of a primer. In general, most shades were sadly applied to bare skin because the drier texture seemed more likely to pick up natural oils on the skin, absorb them and look uneven, some parts seeming darker than others .

Several shades were a frustrating exercise, which tried to mix and maintain momentum, which I even felt when I used eyeshadow on a primer because they were still disappearing and darkening after a few minutes of wear. I packed the shades to get decent results and I had to use a primer to get something slightly slightly annoying to look at.

Usually, in six hours, the shades had changed significantly, revealing some discoloration and some irregularity. with a primer, it was close to eight hours in total, but I saw slight changes in some shades faster than that. The looks I’ve created with these shades have taken three times longer than the other glossy and matte eye shadows on the market (Viseart, Sugarpill, Urban Decay, ColourPop) and have required a lot of cleaning. comparison.

The Sephora Editorial 2 PRO Eyeshadow Palette ($ 68.00 for 1.12 oz) is a new permanent palette that offers softer or softer tones on color keys with mixed neutral colors.

Fenty Beauty’s Glazed Pom Pom on Ice and Fairy Bomb ($ 42.00 for 0.25 oz) is a translucent sprinkling of fine pale pink glitter and micro-glitter.

The Palette of 10 Wet Eyeshadow Pans Wet “n & # 39; Wild Nude Wild ($ 4.99 for .35 oz.) Is the type of product that allows you to know if a high quality makeup is affordable and can exist (it can and does exist, but not in this case ), because that is all that one can fear with a good deal, a powdered product: dry, dusty, subject to discoloration, lacking pigmentation, and is a total disappointment.

Frostfire # 1

The formula is divided into two finishes – Metallic (Foil) and Glitter – and the performance largely depends on the finish. In general, the formula is supposed to “slip” with an “ultra-thin and water-resistant color gloss on the lids”. Although each tablet appears to be the right size for a stand-alone eyeshadow, it only contains 0.03 oz. a pop, making it one of the smallest eye shadows on the market. There were very pretty shades but enough inconsistency for the price to never match an impressive range.

Foil finishes have a softer powder base, providing better gloss and moderate to high gloss (some are actually metallic, others more pearlescent), providing better color rendition, more application easy and better wear. The leaves tend to be creamier and smoother, with better adhesion and a better fade on the lid, although some shades appear too slippery and tend to mix unevenly during application. However, in most cases, the Foils were good eyeshadows and were easy to use.

Glitter finish shades are supposed to have “micronized glitter” and find that they do not really work as well as expected. They have more powdery base colors and larger flecks of micro-glitter, so that they tend not to bind and cause spills during application or to get lost with the brush . I’ve tried applying fingertips, but the majority (like 90%!) Glitter sticks to your fingertips and does not move. Because of the more powdery base, they did not work particularly well with a wet brush. Your best bet would be to tap them on a cream eye shadow or a slimy base.

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The formula is supposed to have a “crazy plan” that is “creamy to the application” but fixed. The brand says that they can be used as eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick or lip liner. I found the performance disappointing for both the eyes and the lips, although for the lips it was particularly disappointing. Fenty has been fairly consistent, and where they missed, it’s usually not a total failure, but I have not had a chance with this formula.

The pencils have a very waxy consistency and finer that pulls slightly (eyes and lips) and often requires multiple passages on curved areas. They tapped my arm enough but in practice I had a hard time getting a uniform and opaque blanket if I tried the formula like eyeliner, eyeshadow or lipstick. They were easier to use on the line of my lower lashes because they pulled lightly, but the blanket seemed to widen slightly when I tried to stack and equalize the color, otherwise it might get away from fine lines . However, if I tried to diffuse or mix the line, the product would explode or rise at random. While the samples were hard to remove on my arm / hand, most sunglasses disappeared in six hours on my waterline and faded noticeably after eight hours on the line of my lower lashes.

As an eye shadow, they apply poorly with the fingertips and a brush because the formula dries so quickly that most of the product stays on my finger or does not adhere to my skin (brush) so it is best to apply directly from the pencil. which resulted in decent coverage but was often patchy or uneven. If I tried to return to areas with the pencil, I could not drag it; I had the chance to push it and just push it into the area, otherwise it would take away other areas. When I tried to diffuse the edges, use a fluffy brush or fingertips along the bare edge, or try to use a powder eyeshadow (in the fold, for example) to combine the shimmering hues with a matte crease, with the eye shadows removed and left behind bald patches. I have reached the point where it was a game of application and acceptance that they would never look great on my real eyelids. They had a decent wear on my eyelids with about eight to nine hours without creasing, but the color started to crumble.


The formula is supposed to be a wet / dry formula that has a less intense gloss when applied dry and a more metallic finish when applied in the wet state. It is a finely ground powder that can be used for the eyes, lips and cheeks. Not really surprising, they tend to be better applied with a wet brush or a slightly tacky primer. They can be a little messy, if you are not used to losing eyeshadow, but I have not found them better or worse than average formulas. The pigmentation varied a lot from one shade to another, although most shades have more pigmentation when applied with a moistened brush with greater brilliance.

SeeAgde, Red AgendaBlack

The formula is said to have a “pure color” that is “highly pigmented, long-lasting and wrinkle-resistant”. The packaging is nifty, but for those who have more than a few eye shadows in their hiding place, the pact is rather large compared to the actual size of the product (which is below average for a large eyeshadow would have been expected closer to 0.07 oz or even 0.09 oz). The formula itself varied a lot between the nuances with enough inconsistency to get tired of buying blind people online.

The paillette finish was very similar to the sequins of the brand’s eye shadow quads, although I felt there was more of a base color / powder coming out and particles slightly thinner, less spotted. The ultra-thin (matte) finish seemed to have the softest, finest consistency among the five finishes. The suede finish is like a satin in my mind – barely shiny, while the satin finish seems to have brighter particles more visible, larger in comparison and is overall more pearly. The vinyl finish (metallic) had a denser texture than the other finish, but it was not as creamy or as rich in sensations as I would have imagined from the brand formulations of liberated luxury.

The price of singles is high, which was not surprising given that the brand is positioned as a luxury brand. I wish the quality is superior and that the formula is more innovative and interesting. I only tried 10 of the 3 shades, but there was not enough (on the 10 finishes) to justify the purchase of the remaining shades. Some shades were very rich in pigment, others were weaker; some were drier and others satisfactory; and most have worn well for about seven hours.

NARS Heartbreaker Holiday 2018 trio ($ 42.00 for 0.36 oz) features three blushes from the brand’s permanent line. Oddly enough, the brand .

Dragon ScalesSuitable for a Queen’s PartyHasta La Costa BabyHooked on VinylLights Out Mythicool CreationsDeletetteSilent TreatmentStop Ruffling My FeathersSweet as CandyThe Quad of the NightWalking on Eggshells

Urban Decay Nude Cherry Nude Eye Shadow Palette ($ 48.00 for 0.90 oz) is the newest addition to the Naked series and includes a blend of corals and plums .

The formula is supposed to be “highly pigmented” and last “10 hours” while being miscible and stackable. There are three finishes and I found that the quality differed more depending on the finish. The glittery finish was composed of a mixture of duller and glittery shades, where the glitter fell during application and was often under-pigmented, as well as denser, heavier silicone glitter shades, the latter leaning and holding the lid better because it adhered better, although they usually do not have a great pigmentation. Matte eye shadows were covered to moderately opaque, but they could often be assembled with softer, thinner, slightly powdered textures, even if there were decisive winners in the pack. The shimmering eye shadows were mostly pigmented with smooth textures that were moderately dense and easy to use, but some had a little too much slip or were too dry and the application was therefore not impressive. without a moistened brush or an eyeshadow primer underneath. The wear lasted between six and eight hours.

Each eye shadow can be removed from the compact by opening with the second opening at the bottom of the compact. The lip of the first opening is what keeps the eyeshadow in place in the pact itself. I thought it was clever and easy to remove, although the component in general feels a little light to the point of making it fragile. This is a redesign of the previous range of colorful eye shadows, which cost $ 10.00 but contained 0.07 oz. or $ 142.86 / oz. while the new ones are $ 190.48 / oz. I think these would be more viable if the price was $ 6.00, which would have earned them the same price per ounce as the previous formula. The $ 8.00 price level makes them more expensive than MAC and tied with Anastasia (who both have more eye shadow per pan, too), but the Sephora brand has always seemed lower price in the mid-range, so the price not quite logical.

The Moroccan palette of Moroccan Spice Beauty eye shadows ($ 59.00 for 0.47 oz) is a new palette of 16 trays that offers a range of shimmering and matte reflections with touches of color and neutral tones.

The Killawatt Foil Beauty Killawatt Foil Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette ($ 54.00 for 0.70 oz) is a new limited edition palette featuring seven shades designed to enhance the eyes and cheeks.

Beauty Tom Ford Amber Sun The Eye & Cheek Palette ($ 155.00) is a new limited edition palette that contains four eye shadows and two cheek colors ( a blush, a highlighter). Read the full review.

Viseart’s Small Pro Palette (02) ($ 30.00 for 0.28 oz) is a new palette of eight blades with four matt shades and four shimmering shades.

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