Most Beauty Experts Swear By These Nighttime Skincare/Beauty Tips In Their Routine

Day is over, night is come, but before sleeping beauty hits the sheets, there are some beauty things she needs to do. We know this sounds princess-y, but as it advises, there are some nighttime skincare routine you need to do for a fabulous skin. So far gone are the days when your nighttime routine was a quick shower and off to bed without proper thought to skincare. Now, great skin is a result of good effort, just like anything in life. Having a solid beauty routine has a ripple effect as it increases your confidence and makes you walk taller. That being said, there are bedtime beauty tips you can adopt for positive changes to your skin. Who wouldn’t love to wake up with glowing skin?

Off with the makeup, shall we?

Jumping into bed without wiping off your layers of makeup is only a recipe for disaster. Let’s not talk about the stains you’ll leave on the poor bed sheets; how about breakouts? Leaving makeup overnight can only lead to clogged-up pores which can upset your skin. Need I say more?

Moisturizing is essential


Photo: Sora Shimazaki | Pexels

After wiping off your makeup and taking a shower, you will also need to moisturize your skin before going right to bed. This is because moisturizers soothe, hydrate and replenish your skin’s natural barrier and no day is ever skincare routine is ever complete without it. A good moisturizer can help prevent waking up to flaky skin. *cringes*.

Protect your tresses

It’s not like you made a new hairstyle, so why bother? You should. Whether it’s your natural hair hidden in cornrows or that expensive weave, your hair should be seen as a national treasure, protect it. Imagine having to detangle your hair in the morning when you could have worn bonnets or tied it into a bun. Also, your hair naturally absorbs dirt in the environment, and it could easily transfer all that to your face or body, hence, causing unnecessary breakouts. I’ll rest my case right here, but there’s no A-game without these bedtime beauty tips.

Keep your eyes hydrated

While we sleep at night, the skin tries to repair itself and with this reparation process goes 20% of our skin moisture. Simply put, we lose more moisture at night. Therefore, applying eye cream before bedtime is a good idea. You can also put used tea bags on your eyes for about 10 minutes to avoid dark circles. Lastly, sleep with your head elevated to keep away from puffy eyes.

Serums are essential

Photo: Pavel Danilyuk | Pexels

Serums are an essential part of every skincare routine; this is especially because they address specific skin concerns such as dehydration, acne, textural irregularities, hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone. In basic skincare routines, serums are used immediately after cleansing the face and just before moisturizer. Apply at nighttime for a more subtle feel in the morning.


Beauty sleep isn’t just a popular phrase; if you want to have great skin, a good night’s sleep is paramount. While carefully applying the above-stated bedtime beauty tips, remember you can’t cheat nature.

Featured Image Cover: cottonbro from Pexels