Mortal Kombat Fans Are Pissed Over This DJ’s New Voice Lines for Sub-Zero

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The official Dimitri Vegas skin for Sub-Zero in the new Mortal Kombat 11 is officially available to all players on August 22nd, including his likeness and his voice. His likeness hasn’t posed much of a problem, but Mortal Kombat fans are taking umbrage with his voice acting in particular.

In some clips that have become available from gameplay, you can hear what Dimi has recorded for the role. And, suffice it to say, he doesn’t sound anything like original Sub-Zero voice actor, Steve Blum. But of course, he wouldn’t, right?

@RagingRecans tweets, “Steve Blum (Sub Zero’s voice actor) is one of the most iconic voices of all time. That’s why dimitris voice hurts extra bad.”

Well, Dimitri isn’t a professional voice actor, and he’s really doing this for his love of the series. If fans are so mad about the skin voice, they have a really simple, very easy solution: don’t use it.

Sub-Zero sounds like Sub-Zero, Dimitri Vegas sounds like Dimitri Vegas.

See some of the complains and listen to Dimi’s acting in the clips below.

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— Raphael Bleu (@SpinkyRB) August 16, 2019

Photo via Tomorrowland