Morgan Reilly – Genuinely (Official Music Video)

Morgan Reilly’s Genuinely is an expertly produced pop song that seduces its listeners. This R&B music review showcases her unique sound as its perfect for this suggestive tune. She like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Minnie Riperton reaches the whistle register with great ease and expertise. It’s a pleasure to listen to her smooth singing, especially when she reaches those super high notes like she’s sliding on ice. The official video is well crafted. Everything is set over the acoustic guitar being masterfully played to accompany Morgan Reilly’s sweet voice.

The choreography is perfect for the song. Even the dancers seem to be the ideal choices for the video. They seem a bit worn. Just like the song suggests about the singer: that she’s tired of the games men and women play. “I’m a little too numb for this. I know you think I’m a little too dumb for this. What’s in your drink if I’m going to succumb to this. I’ll need something just a little bit stronger than this. This is the right slow song for that third or fourth date with Mr. or Ms. Right-For-Me. And, if you choose to ignore the words and just listen to the smooth righteous acoustic sounds and that hauntingly smooth voice, your evening is sure to end on a high note.

“I’m a little too old for this. I know you think I’m a little too cold for this…Tell me what I want to hear, instead of what you want to say. I’m going to up and disappear if you can’t come at me genuinely.” This mellow tune is sprinkled with those flirtatious yet subtle high notes when Morgan’s whistle register utters the words…” come at me genuinely.”

The video takes us over the unyielding city with its harsh skyline filled with concrete buildings and bright lights. Then we are drawn into a lonely bar scene with the singer alone. The dancers join her, and she makes it clear that she doesn’t want or need games and falsehoods. She’s looking for someone who wants to get to know her genuinely.

Listen now: