Moore Kismet Drops New Single, “Vendetta For Cupid”

Moore Kismet’s debut album will, so far, be the most personal piece of work they’ve ever written, so it’s unsurprising to hear about songs like “Vendetta For Cupid” with TYGKO as part of the project. Inspired by real life events involving personal and emotional abuse at the hands of someone whom they once considered a friend, the song’s lyrical content coupled with the disjointed rhythm, shimmering synths, and chopped vocals convey an absolutely shattered mind that is coming to peace with reality.

a few days before the release, I wanted to draft a statement / open letter fully addressing the actions of my abuser, and why @TYG_KO and I wrote Vendetta for Cupid.

please read this in full before commenting anything. thank you 🌺

(TW: mentions of physical & verbal abuse)

— Moore Kismet 💘 (@MooreKismetBass) March 10, 2021

Moore Kismet says of the track, “’Vendetta For Cupid’ is one of the more recent tracks that was completed for the album, as I started it towards the close of 2020. I started this song the night that I had spoken out against my abuser publicly. It was originally intended to be a collaboration with a friend of mine, but fell through, so I decided to write the rest of the track myself. Kevante (TYGKO) and I met through the same forum that Lunamatic and I met by way of a mural friend of ours. The story that he told with his lyricism perfectly captured everything I could ever say about that person and what they did to me.” Along with the “Vendetta For Cupid,” two other surprise singles arrived — “Flight of the Superiority Complex” with liam ello and “Shadow Soldier” with Lunamatic. Check them all out below!