Möonbabe Records debuts a series of compilations named after seasons, starting with ‘Spring’

Heather Christie, a folk-soul singer, producer, and DJ, has launched Möonbabe Records, a groundbreaking label dedicated to supporting female music artists and mothers. With a strong commitment to empowerment and inclusivity, the label plans to release quarterly compilation albums showcasing the diverse talents of its associated artists, aiming to highlight the revolutionary creative works of mothers in music.

Today marks the release of the debut compilation, “SPRING,” featuring Heather’s track “Into This Body,” along with standout songs like SIIKA’s “Send Us To The Mountain” and Maya Dorn’s “Created To Love.” Möonbabe Records seeks to amplify the wisdom of birth and motherhood, celebrating moms who create music as agents of positive change. Heather’s journey, from her upbringing in Santa Cruz to her viral moment at the 2023 Spirit Weavers Gathering, underscores her dedication to music and motherhood, inspiring the inception of Möonbabe Records.