Monstercat Celebrates 9 Year Anniversary With Compilation Of Classic ’90s Dance Covers

Over the last 9 years, Monstercat has become one of the most prolific labels and YouTube channels in dance music. With 30 compilations spanning 20-30 songs through 2017, and then rebranding with their Instinct and Uncaged dichotomy leading to even more music, there’s no denying the label’s influence. Though Monstercat recently had to deal with a bad egg, their 9 year anniversary is still made special by a compilation of remixes/covers of ’90s dance classics, including “Sandstorm” and “Better Off Alone.”

Remixing/covering the tracks are some of Monstercat’s best and brightest, from Pixel Terror taking on “Sandstorm” to Half an Orange and Saxsquatch trying their hand at Daft Punk’s classic, “Around The World.”

All of these are sure to produce some modicum of nostalgia, no matter how you feel about the original artists or the new. Check out the compilation below!