‘MONEYTREE’ by RashadtheLion reflects creative outburst of the hip hop genre

The unique melody and refreshing lyricism of the track ‘MONEYTREE’ have been complemented with the professionalism and skills of the talented artist RashadtheLion. Taking on a gloomy and smooth beat for his hard-hitting and striking latest single, RashadtheLion has offered the ultimate depth of the hip hop genre, bringing down the house. Classically rooted in the basics of the genre, the latest track of the artist has taken a unique direction, making it one of the successful tracks of the artist.

The fairly classical references underneath the structural development of the track have introduced the artist as someone of immense artistic abilities. On top of this development, the vocal tone present within ‘MONEYTREE’ has added spice to the entire flow. The style of vocal delivery is undoubtedly the richest quality, something, which is strong enough to draw the attention of any individual. The artists’ performances in the track have showcased the world a new pattern of bars, making the fragments look brighter.

Also, featuring Tizzle Kidd Fitz and Johnny Walker, this music video gets completed, as all the artists have played their role perfectly. The unexpected urgency presented through each of the artists and the ingredients has created a sense of brilliance and awesomeness throughout the entire track. The Southern California based producer, singer, vocalist, RashadtheLion has left no stones unturned in alluring the listeners and binding them within the intricate arrangement of the track.

His previous track ‘DEVILS’ was also a reflection of his creative brilliance and artistic efforts. However, with the track, ‘MONEYTREE’, he has set the bar way high compared to the industry standards. The way this track has progressed, it has built the base for the growth of the artist in the near future, which is going to be awesome. His tracks are available on YouTube. To know more, visit his Instagram profile.

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