Monaco Luxury Guide

Monaco is known for being the ultimate luxury destination. Take a look at this Monaco Luxury Guide so you can discover all the ultra-luxurious spots!

Monaco is a sovereign city-state located in the South of France that many may know as the wealthiest and most expensive place on earth, with the world’s elite flocking to the second smallest country in the world.

But what makes Monaco the epitome of luxury lifestyle? It goes way beyond the high-end casinos, luxury cars and yacht lined harbors! Take a look at this ultra-luxurious places we have selected for you to know all about the most luxurious locations.

Where to stay?

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First things first! Monaco is home to several luxury hotels and as you may guess accommodations ain’t cheap. The famous Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo is bound to be the most luxurious one and has won several awards over the years. The Hôtel Hermitage, set in a Belle-Epoque palace is also a favorite among the rich and famous ans offers incredible views over!

Where to eat?

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And if luxury hotels are around every corner, so are restaurants! As it could be expected from one of the wealthiest places on Earth there is a vast offer of Michelin starred restaurants, which is the case of Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse, a restaurant awarded three Michelin stars and part of the top 100 restaurants of the world. If you prefer dining Al Fresco you have the Le Vistamar Executive, that specializes in fish and seafood.

What to do? Monaco Luxury Guide 05 monaco luxury guide Monaco Luxury Guide Monaco Luxury Guide 05

Monaco has endless activities for the wealthy! And if you’re looking for the most exclusive experiences there is a lot to chose from. The Monte Carlo Casino is a classic and you should definitely take the time to visit it. Catching a show at the Opera de Monte Carlo, which building was built in 1878. Renting a yacht (or taking your own) and sailing in the Mediterranean is also a favorite among locals and visitors. And don’t forget about all the luxury shopping!


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As one of the world’s capitals of wealth, a lot of events are held in the small city-state. From luxury cars events to Formula One competitions, yachts shows, Art events, there’s plenty to choose from!