MK Delivers Dance Floor Ready Remix for Ed Sheeran & Travis Scott [LISTEN]

MK transforms Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott‘s latest bass heavy hit into sheer house perfection… While the “Antisocial” original comes club-ready with booming sub frequencies and an addictive hook, MK’s remix delivers a vibe more suited for those chilled out, late night hours. Both are sure to find spots on your weekend playlist, depending on the mood.

Part of what makes a good remix is the ability to completely reimagine the track. MK does so, seemingly effortlessly, working in a four on the floor groove for Sheeran and Scott’s vocals to flow over. The hardened hip hop elements are traded for white noise, melodic notes and a deep, driving bassline. To hear the original next to the remix is like night and day, which is why we’ve included both versions for you to compare. Listen here and let us know what you think!

Ed Sheeran – Antisocial w/ Travis Scott (MK Remix)

Antisocial (Original)

Photo: Neil Favila