MitiS Creates Marvelous Soundscapes With Shattered EP

Coming to Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records is the fresh and empowering new EP from MitiS. His three-track Shattered EP can easily be viewed as a melancholic masterpiece. Shattering expectations along the way, these three records will send your emotions into a spiral. Stream MiTis’ Shattered EP below.

This EP I felt a lot of growth as a producer. I stepped out of what I’m used to and really dug into the songwriting side of things – not just production. The songs, especially “Shattered,” mean a lot to me. “RUNN” really portrayed the message of the instrumental I had sent over to her. I’ve been playing it out for a few months around the world and every time it’s gotten such an emotional reaction, which is exactly what I was looking for. – MitiS

MitiS – Shattered EP