MineSweepa Shows What It’s Like To Move To “LA” With Wonky New Single

You’ve seen the viral TikToks — “what is like one week after living in ___.” It gets progressively more stereotypical, but not offensively, and it’s spawned a hilarious subgenre of videos for people to partake in. But what if a producer was to make a track about it?

MineSweepa is here to answer the question “what it’s like living in LA” with his new incredibly wonky single. Actually, it’s hard to really discern what the answer is, but from the tone of the track, it sounds like living in LA is a progressively weirder acid trip? Some people might be into that, I don’t know.

But as for the track itself, it’s a fantastically enthralling descent into madness and modulation with super weird bass and synths. Check out “LA” below before planning your next trip.