MineSweepa Drops Out-Of-Character, Emotional New Single, “FACES”

Based on all my interactions with the name MineSweepa online, I’ve come to expect dirty, filthy dubstep and riddim. Seeing him alongside names like Svdden Death and AFK has reinforced this idea. But after going through his discography, it’s come to my attention that his sound is actually a lot more varied. Thus, it’s not as much of a surprise that he’s just dropped a song like “FACES” with Tasha Baxter.

Tasha Baxter is no stranger to emotional music, having collaborated with Au5 a number of times, as well as plenty of DnB legends like InsideInfo, Camo & Krooked, and Icicle. To MineSweepa’s credit, his production seems to gently envelop Baxter’s vocals before they burst out with pent up potential energy.

The sound is reminiscent of some softer material from Feed Me or Flux Pavilion; and make no mistake, that’s high praise. The toned down vibes are perfect for the end of a set, or during a lull, when you want to give the crowd some time to breathe but still want them to move. On the other hand, it’s wonderful to just lay down and listen to laying on a bed, eyes closed… While I may have glanced over MineSweepa’s name in the past, I’m going to be paying more attention from here on. Check out “FACES” below.