Mielo revamps Nervo’s fresh single “Habit” [Thrive Music]

Chicago native Mielo has been generating some serious buzz with his debut EP Anywhere But Here. Following up with his signature synth-pop remix of Nervo’s new single titled “Habit.” The song has an appealing twist of euphoric sounds that are catchy and addicting yet not too cheesy. The fresh producer showcases his polished pop production skills and creates a completely new atmosphere around the track.

“It was really cool getting asked to do a remix for Nervo. They were one of the first names I heard about when I was just getting into EDM in high school. This remix is a fun break from all of the serious music I’ve been putting out this year!” – Mielo.

Mielo is excited about this new style that he has tapped into with the remix and plans on making more in 2019. Keep an eye on him as he paves his way into the leaderboards this year. There is no doubt in my mind that this artist will continue to make excellent songs in the future.