Mielo Releases Debut EP “Anywhere But Here”

Starting a music career at any age is a daunting task, but 23-year-old Mielo is channeling his fears and insecurities into melodies and passion on his debut EP, Anywhere But Here, out today. Spanning three beautiful tracks, and a wonderful intro, the EP isn’t shy in its use of lush soundscapes and delicate synths. Vocal accompaniments from Sarah De Warren, Cailee Rae, and Tori Letzler only add to the wonderment behind each and every track.

“ ‘Anywhere But Here’ is a compilation of songs going over the vast feelings and situations a young up and coming artist experiences before they ‘make it.’ When I started the EP writing process, I had just gotten through some tough times of depression, self-doubt and wondering if I could even make music and be successful doing it. I was lost about who I was as a person and as an artist, so I decided to make some very important changes that to this day have been the best thing I ever did.” – Mielo

The EP never really strays from its central sound, a sort of noticeable melancholy. However, the final song and the title track of the EP, “Anywhere But Here,” takes a stark turn and finishes off the project on a hopeful note. It’s clear from the EP itself and from Mielo’s brisk honesty that this is a good thing for him. Listen to Anywhere But Here bellow.