Midnight Pool Party’s Explosive Single “Icon Energy” Has Been Released

Midnight Pool Party are a Sydney, Australia-based electronic music duo noted for fusing elements of dance, disco, R&B, and hip-hop to produce addictive electronic music that has been compared to a cross between Disclosure, Hayden James, and Cosmo’s Midnight. They began with a “classic-disco” sound that swiftly transitioned into a more current nu-disco/electro-house style. They continue to experiment with different vocal styles and approaches while exploring numerous genres within their composition, an attitude that has won them their own niche in the electronic music industry.

They infuse a lot of good energy into everything they do, as seen by their current track, “Icon Energy.” If you like Dom Dolla or Fisher, this is the music for you. Midnight Pool Party’s signature disco-inspired sound is effortlessly blended with contagious tech house intensity. The end effect is pretty strong and sticks out from a lot of tech house we usually hear. Check it out below!