Midnight Alcohol Ban Could Drastically Change Miami’s South Beach Party Scene

Miami’s nightlife may be required to tone down quite drastically — and not due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Multiple local reports detail Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber’s proposed plan to limit the Entertainment District in South Beach. The changes would include only serving alcohol until midnight and pedestrianizing Ocean Drive, the major road that runs through.

Currently, “last call” is at 5 AM in South Beach, so this policy change would cut off five hours of prime bar time for most establishments in most cases — including bars, restaurants and clubs on Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue between Fifth and 16th streets.

Serving alcohol past midnight wouldn’t be impossible, but would require a permit granted by the city’s appointed beverage control board. Such an instance would only be approved with an extensive security plan and sound study, and under conditions that “public health, safety, morals and general welfare will not be adversely affected.”

The South Beach Entertainment District might even be getting a name change. One possibility being The Art Deco Cultural District.

This news follows up alarming viral videos out of Miami, which the Mayor describes as “horrible.” Recent footage exposes the extreme, wild side of Miami’s robust nightlife — including a topless brawl and large carefree crowds over a holiday weekend.

The City Commission is set to discuss these changes next Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Source: Miami Herald