Microblading For Eyebrows

Microblading- in a nutshell

As you get older you start to lose hair even at places like your eyebrows. They start coming off and become weak enough to eventually fall off. This does not look good on you and you start to worry. Unlike the hair on your head or facial hair, eyebrows do not grow back quickly. Thanks to modern science, there is a technique called microblading which helps your eyebrows to look fully grown, clean, and well-aligned. Microblading is like getting a tattoo. The process involves a small tool that the designer uses to add pigment to your eyebrows. They make them small enough so that they look like tiny strands of hair from far away. The process itself is 2-3 hours long depending on how much microblading is required. The effect, however, lasts for more than 8-12 months, with proper care and consultation.

Why you should try Microblading?

More often then not, after a certain age, the hair on your eyebrows start falling off due to various reasons. Sometimes you may lose them in an unfortunate accident but that should not keep you from looking good. Most actors and stage artists get microblading done in order to look better or to play a character in film or play. More people are trying out microblading because of its better quality as compared to getting an actual tattoo. It is not permanent and you can get to choose the color you want. In this age of fashion, staying ahead of the curve is important for people and thus getting the right look becomes crucial. Silly eyebrows are not attractive and the ones fading away are especially distasteful to look at and since it takes longer to grow thick eyebrows, it’s more effective to get a microblading done once or twice a year. You can consult the clinic beforehand to avoid any misconceptions there might be floating around. The experts treat every client differently based on their needs so it’s a unique experience for every individual.

An alternative to Tattoos

Microblading is like a semi-medical technique that differs slightly from getting a permanent tattoo. Usually, a tattoo is inked inside the skin with a needle and you can get them almost on any part of your body. However, in microblading, you can only target a specific part of the face and it is done by hands instead of needles. The process itself is similar to tattooing but the technique involved differs slightly. Both are comparable in costs but some microblading technicians charge more depending upon how many you implant in your eyebrows. There are clinics around the country performing microblading. You can call up and check if they are practicing microblading and get your appointment.

Most people who try out microblading for the first time usually ask if it’s a safe procedure. They are concerned about the complications that may follow soon after. If you have a skin allergy or sensitive skin, you might consult your dermatologist before getting one. People prone to sensitive skin might feel a sensation of itching or burning after a few days of getting their eyebrows fixed. However, in most cases, like tattoos, the person has to take extra care of that part of the body. Since microblading involves cutting small fragments of your skin and inserting pigments inside them, you may want to avoid excessive use of water near your eyebrows. Experts recommend that you keep that area of the face, as dry as possible for at least a week after getting the procedure. This not only helps to develop better color but allows the eyebrows to strengthen as well.