Micro Bags That Make a Big Statement

Accessories serve to complement the looks on the runways, but at Jacquemus Fall 2019, one accent stole the spotlight. We’re talking about the brand’s colorful coin purse-size bags that were, frankly, only noticeable upon closer inspection. But Simon Porte Jacquemus isn’t the only one pushing the smaller, the better ideology.

Micro bags are the perfect street style accessories; Image: Imaxtree

Minuscule bags were a street style favorite outside the Fall 2019 shows. From mini snakeskin totes to bags no bigger than your phone, street style stars decided to pack light. And you might be surprised by the number of retailers, on both the high and low ends, that already have micro bags on offer. Think itty-bitty bucket bags, almost invisible cubes and duffels you can’t even fit your gym socks in.

Snakeskin done the micro way; Image: Imaxtree

With all this mini action, we’re betting the trend will only get bigger by summer. (Pun very much intended.) So spring is prime time to invest in micro bags.