Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy for your next trip

One of the many reasons why Italy is a popular holiday destination is food. Yes, history, culture and art are all exceptional, but the food is exquisite. Italians avoid fast foods and prepared meals. Italian cuisine is fresh, local and made with love. To make the most of your stay in Italy, we have compiled for you the list of the best rated Michelin starred restaurants in Italy. Italy is home to 10 Michelin-starred restaurants, 39 2-star restaurants and 317 1-star restaurants. These Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy are perfect for your next trip.

La Pergola

Photo courtesy of La Pergola

“This superb restaurant is suspended above the Eternal City in the magnificent setting of a panoramic roof garden. Mediterranean cuisine (chef Heinz Beck’s constant passion), a systematic search for the best quality ingredients, and an added dose of creativity all come together in La Pergola. The restaurant’s success speaks for itself.” -Michelin Guide

Piazza Duomo

Photo Courtesy of Piazza Duomo

“Your meal makes an impressive start with a series of creative finger-food options, while the herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit (often from the restaurant’s own biodynamic garden) play a starring role in the main dishes, adding to their flavour and presentation. In this gourmet atelier, chef Enrico Crippa celebrates the Langhe region to the full, while using aesthetics and meticulous techniques that are 100% Japanese.” -Michelin Guide

St. Hubertus

Photo Courtesy of Rosa Alpina
“Chef Niederkofler, known to one and all as Norbert, creates superb Alpine cuisine flavouring his dishes with typical ingredients from the region such as mountain pine, juniper, flowers and spices which he personally sources from local producers. His cuisine is a triumph of colour and flavour, as well as sophisticated techniques which more than justify his place among Michelin star-holders!” -Michelin Guide

Da Vittorio

Photo Courtesy of Da Vittorio
“Housed in a villa in the Bergamasco foothills, Da Vittorio is the perfect example of a welcoming, well-run family restaurant. Elegant without being stuffy and sumptuous without being cold, the restaurant offers its guests a warm and spontaneously friendly welcome. Add to this a memorable choice of expertly prepared dishes with a real emphasis on flavour, followed by some delicious desserts, and you have a truly memorable gastronomic experience!” Michelin Guide

Dal Pescatore

Photo Courtesy of Dal Pescatore
“Hidden among the fields and meanders of the Parco dell’Oglio, the charming village of Runate – with just a few dozen inhabitants – has become synonymous with high-end dining. From generation to generation for almost a century, the Santini family has welcomed guests to this magical restaurant. Here, the ambiance, food and service combine to provide a truly memorable and harmonious dining experience.” -Michelin Guide

Enoteca Pinchiorri

Photo Courtesy of Enoteca
“For decades Pinchiorri has represented luxury and haute cuisine at the highest level in Italy. The restaurant has a number of dining rooms, including a historic room, which has an almost museum-like feel. Highly attentive service from the legendary owners, Annie and Giorgio, and an excellent menu featuring the best of Tuscan, Italian and international cuisine. The wine list is renowned across the globe.” – Michelin Guide

Osteria Francescana

Photo Courtesy of Osteria Francescana
“The cuisine at this restaurant is certainly top notch. The dishes are light and well balanced with a focus on adding innovative touches to traditional recipes without being overly nostalgic. The Osteria Francescana once again confirms its place among the best international restaurants, while chef Bottura remains a culinary talent acclaimed across the globe.” -Michelin Guide

Le Calandre

Photo Courtesy of Le Calandre
“Chef Massimiliano believes in experimentation, so the dishes served at this restaurant are continually evolving. However, the cuisine remains balanced and harmonious. There is a careful mix of traditional and contemporary flavours creating a whole host of unique and memorable dishes.” -Michelin Guide


Photo Courtesy of Uliassi
“This stylish and elegant restaurant is almost right on the beach with the sea visible on the horizon and light bouncing off the white decor. It provides the backdrop for elaborate, imaginative cuisine with a focus on fish and seafood. Game dishes also feature on the menu.” -Michelin Guide


Photo Courtesy of Reale
“A modern and minimalist feel is evident both in the elegant dining room of this restaurant and in the creative cuisine served within its walls. The culinary focus is on the purity of flavours, achieved thanks to the skilful chef and the top-quality meat and fish used. Everything on the menu at Il Reale is presented with an elegant simplicity that immediately brings to mind the minimalist beauty of Japanese culture.” Michelin GuideWhich of these Michelin star restaurants in Italy will you try? We suggest spending a emal in each of these Michelin Star Italy restaurants.





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