Michelin star restaurants in France to try

The Michelin guide was published in France in 1900 to help drivers know which restaurants to choose the best restaurant. The current three-star system was later adopted in 1931. According to the Guardian’s guide summary, “One star means a very good restaurant, Two stars mean cuisine worthy of a detour, Three stars mean a kitchen exceptional which is worth a special trip. Each of these starred restaurants in France will be worth the next time you seek a culinary experience in Europe. What does it take to win a Michelin star in France? We are about to know it!


Anne-Sophie Pic is the third generation of chefs in her family to run this iconic restaurant. She is also the only female chef to receive three Michelin stars in France. His signature uses spices and flavors commonly reserved for tea in interesting and unexpected ways. A stop at Pic is required for Michelin starred restaurants in France.

The restaurant is particularly unique in that you can also take cooking classes there. It is also interesting to note that the menu is entirely in French. If you do not speak French, the waiters will do their best to help you. For an optimal experience, do not be afraid to improve your knowledge of French before your arrival!


The Auberge de l’Ill has three Michelin stars and is located on the site of the five-star Hotel des Berges and the five-star Willows Spa. Named after the river that runs along the restaurant, the restaurant offers several dining options, including an open-air near the river. Deserving to earn a Michelin star in France, this one is not to be missed.

If you can, stay several days to enjoy the hotel and spa. Dine at Auberge de l’Ill for lunch outdoors and dinner for another. Dinner is a relaxing affair, taking an average of 4 hours. Salmon soufflé has been a staple of the menu for 60 years now and is a must try.


This is an unmissable site from our list of Michelin starred restaurants in France. If you wish to visit the legendary Guy Savoy restaurant, you will need to book your table well in advance. Meals at the end of the week are often booked for three months or more. If you only have a short notice of a month or two, you may be able to secure a table on a Monday or Tuesday.

Upon arrival, you will feel like entering another world by the grand staircase. It is not uncommon to see Guy Savoy himself greet the guests, take pictures and ask how their meal is going. Even connoisseurs of Michelin starred out saying it was the best dining experience of their lives.


To truly taste all the specialties of Paul Bocuse, come for lunch or dinner and order the menu Paul Bocuse. This historic restaurant is known as a temple of haute cuisine. While preserving the innovative and classic dishes of Paul Bocuse, the experience here is more historical than modern, but will delight all food lovers. A well deserved example of a Michelin star in France.

With more than 600 Michelin-starred restaurants in France, you’re sure to enjoy a wonderful dining experience no matter where you are! Plan a trip? See the complete list and map of all Michelin starred restaurants in France here. Then go to one of these restaurants that received a Michelin star in France. They are sure not to disappoint! During your trip, be sure to explore these cities with the greatest number of Michelin-starred restaurants.

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