Michael Jordan’s Iconic Sneakers Make History with $2.2 Million Sale at Sotheby’s Auction

Air Jordan 13 “Bred”

Michael Jordan‘s Air Jordan 13 “Bred” has set a new world record as the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold, fetching a whopping $2.2 million at Sotheby’s auction on Tuesday. Here’s everything you need to know about this exceptional sale.

The “Bred” sneakers were famously worn by Jordan during the second game of the 1998 NBA championship season with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan scored an impressive 37 points and was named MVP, leading his team to victory against the Utah Jazz with a score of 93 to 88. This game was later known as the “Last Dance” and is still celebrated by basketball fans worldwide.

In 2020, a Netflix documentary was released that recounted Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls and his last NBA championship. Sotheby’s reported that the sneakers were gifted to a ballboy after the game for finding a lost jacket. However, it is unclear whether the shoes’ recipient had put them up for auction. The buyer’s identity remains a mystery.

The Air Jordan 13 “Bred” sneakers are the only complete pair of shoes that have been photo-matched and authenticated by the MeiGray Group, the official authenticator of the NBA. According to Brahm Wachter, Sotheby’s head of streetwear and modern collectibles, “Today’s record-breaking result further proves that the demand for Michael Jordan sports memorabilia continues to outperform and transcend all expectations.”

This sale shattered the previous record of $1.5 million, set by Jordan’s own Nike Air Ships in 2021. Furthermore, one of Jordan’s game-worn jerseys was sold for an astonishing $10.1 million last year, making it the highest-paid game-worn memorabilia.

Apart from sportswear, there is also a sustained interest in vintage items from different eras like classic cars and timepieces. Often, these items hold historical significance that proves to be more valuable than their monetary value. Jordan, a celebrated athlete, continues to be one of the richest sports players in the world and reportedly earns millions from his partnership with Nike through the Air Jordan brand, which he started in 1984.

Michael Jordan’s ‘”Last Dance” jersey fetches record US$10.1 million.


The record-breaking sale of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 13 “Bred” sneakers for $2.2 million has made history in the world of sports memorabilia. The iconic black and red sneakers are a significant piece of basketball history, and their sale shows the enduring popularity of Jordan as a sports icon. With interest in vintage items on the rise, it’s exciting to see what other treasures from the world of sports will emerge in the future.