Mic Rocca has dished out the astounding number ‘Be A Ho’ and has enthralled the audience

Mic Rocca has proven his flamboyance with his peppy new number from his latest EP. The California based singer has come up with the song Be A Ho’ from his all-new EP ‘Millennial Mic’ which is slated for a release on 20th March this year. He has been imprisoned wrongfully as he was forced to halt his career. This has caused tremendous pain but he struggled his way out and rose from the ashes like a phoenix and made his mark in the musical arena all over again. He has got a few singles, a mixtape and 4 incredible EP’s under his belt. The obstacles that he faced made him even stronger and made him quite unstoppable. You can watch his music video by logging on to trending platforms like youtube.

In the track ‘Be A Ho’ by Mic Rocca there is an incredible swagger and subtle funk. There is a compelling hook with a tremendous bounce. The song has got an exquisite fervor. You can catch a glimpse of the shared updates and also come to know about the singer’s projects that are in the pipeline by logging onto his Instagram handle. You can plug into popular music streaming apps like Spotify to listen to his songs.

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