Miami Beach and the City of Miami struck down the county-wide curfew Between Midnight – 6 AM

Well that was quick — even faster than Miami Beach and the City of Miami struck down the county-wide curfew, Miami-Dade has brought it back in a so-called “legal tussle’ with nightclubs.

Just yesterday, we reported the Miami Beach area was officially allowed to stay open past midnight and serve alcohol past 8 PM. Late last night, however, an appeals court dropped the ruling originally in favor of popular Miami hot spot — Tootsie’s adult entertainment club — and the curfew is officially back on. Starting Tuesday night, Miami bars and clubs are instructed to shut down between midnight and 6 AM once again. Due the the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no exact timeframe for how long this curfew may be in place.

Tootsie’s previously stated: “The only thing Tootsie’s sought was the ability to operate its normal hours (12 PM to 6 AM), which it now can do, so its employees and entertainers can make a living. Tootsie’s continues to take seriously Covid-related safety measures and urges others to do so.”

City of Miami and Miami Beach have yet to officially respond to the ruling or reinstatement of curfew. This certainly won’t be the last we hear of all this.

Sources: Miami Herald, NBC Miami