metsä Unveils “All Night” and “Like To Know,” Two-Part Lead Single to Forthcoming EP

Born with the name Maxwell Prendergast, a bit much for the music world, he chose to go with metsä as his artist alias; it is the Finnish translation for forest, an ode to his outdoorsy upbringing. His love of nature is reflected in his productions, which conjure up images of windchimes on a porch and a soft breeze blowing through the tall grass. Serenity and peace are the goals, and he certainly achieves them with these two new singles, “All Night” and Like To Know.”

The first, “All Night,” was written with Lolaby back in 2017; the two held off on releasing it as they “knew we had created something worth holding onto after finalizing it.”

“So when RAC + Goldroom approached me two years later to release music under their new label Minerva, I had the perfect track.” – metsä

The second track, “Like To Know,” plays a bit more fast and loose with melody. At points, the whimsical song is perfectly in tune and at others begins to detune and go off the beaten path, as if affected by some external force. It’s hard to say what the inspiration for this song was, but it seems like a lesson in growth. Both singles are available below and precede a forthcoming EP from metsä.

Photo by Connor Jalbert